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I was born and raised in Ohio, the youngest of seven children. Was I spoiled? You betcha! But just the right amount.


I double majored in Theater and Spanish in college, which ought to have led to a fascinating and strange career in Telenovelas, but instead I waited tables. For like, a long time.


Fast forward quite a number of años, I was living in Portland and I became interested in massage therapy. (Which I admit is strange given that I had only had one massage up to that point.) I registered at East West college, went through their excellent program and was licensed in 2010. 


In 2012, I found myself home a lot, warming milk bottles, and changing lots of diapers. Because my first son had arrived! I wasn't just doing those things for fun. 😁 By the time my second arrived in 2014, I had placed my massage license into inactive status while I had the great fortune to stay home and focus on the kids.


I am happy to say that my diaper changing days are behind me now. The boys are big enough to be in school full-time, so I decided to get back to work.

Anywho...I reactivated my license and came up with Massage Hodgepodge. I am very excited to dive back into the profession. 

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