Post Quarantine Special

Post Quarantine Special - 90-min | $59!

If you are anything like me, the stress and anxiety has been building up in your body, and getting some bodywork has never been more necessary. 

Schedule now to begin a much needed reset for your body, mind, and spirit.

But what's a session at Massage Hodgepodge really like?

Time will slow down. Stars will align. The heavens will open and the wisdom of the ages will shine upon you.  Your past and future selves will convene with you in this singular present moment to reveal not only the beautiful truth of your nature, but the mysteries behind reality itself. The weight of one thousand suns will dissolve your every tension. You will forget the meaning of anxiety. You will emerge weightless, transformed. You will no longer be in the world. The world will move within you.


Also, there will be pan flutes. So. Many. Pan flutes.

But for real though...

Okay. It's going to be a massage. Which is to say, I am going to knead your muscles and joints with my hands and forearms and elbows. I will assess your wants and needs based on what you tell me and what I see, and then deploy my skills and training to make you feel better. This time is entirely, unapologetically for you. 

I was trained in classic, swedish relaxation and deep tissue, but over the years I have also learned a thing or two about trigger points, myofascial release, thai massage, craniosacral, and shiatsu. You might say my approach has become a real hodgepodge of techniques.

I am endlessly curious, and plan to continue learning and acquiring new skills along the journey.

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