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The Self Care Mission Podcast Pilot


Welcome to The Self Care Mission! ➡️ @theselfcaremission ⬅️ This is the very first episode of something new. While I continue to own and operate Massage Hodgepodge, my private massage therapy practice in Portland, OR, I am shifting a lot of energy into this new endeavor.

So…what is it?

Basically The Self Care Mission is about showing up. It’s about being consistent with the things that you already know to promote your health. It’s about finding the best tools, tactics, and habits to become the best version of you there is. I also believe that by taking better care of ourselves, we can take better care of the world.

Here is a quick rundown of my main talking points in this episode.

  • The Self Care Mission - the what and the why

  • Thinking about self care frameworks

  • Consistency

  • My current self care toolkit

  • Waking Up App

  • Ideas about future interview topics

  • Who I am and where I am from

  • Body image

  • A brief relationship history

  • Struggling to be present with my kids

  • Upcoming interviews with…find them on IG

  • Kelleigh Kinkaid - @kelleighkincaidwellness

  • Andrea Lipomi - @feetishspa

  • Dr. Omar Qutub - @dr.omarqutub

Interested? Curious? Ready?

Accept the mission!

➡️ Get the Newsletter! ✉️Subscribe HERE.  This is starting as a free weekly round up of my thoughts on self care. Expect short, actionable tips and ideas to get you in the right headspace to show up for yourself on the regular. A daily paid version is also in the works for those that could use more consistent encouragement.

➡️ Listen to the Podcast! 🎧 I have begun recording and interviewing some amazing people. Expect a lot on self massage, foam rolling, and stretching from me. I'll be bringing on other experts to talk mindfulness, nutrition, skin care, hair care, and so much more! The podcast should be rolling out across all the platforms over the next couple weeks.

➡️ Join the Community! 🤝 Okay….not quite yet, but it is coming soon. Imagine a platform with other like minded people on their own self care journey. You’ll be able to explore tools and tactics, refine your own toolkit, and get some support and accountability. To get notified when the Community is ready, just subscribe to the Newsletter!


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