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The Louisiana Episode

Rebecca Brumfield joins me on The Massage Hodgepodgcast to talk about Louisiana! Yes, the video is a bit choppy, but the audio is clean. This continues my series to chat with a massage therapist from all 50 States. Rebecca’s practice in Baton Rouge is called Vida Pura Spa where she specializes in fire cupping. She also runs a coaching program for other spa and wellness business owners called Badass Bodyworkers. I would highly recommend checking out that site for some great free resources.

Here is a quick conversation overview.

  • Massage origin story

  • The basics of becoming a massage therapist in Louisiana

  • Maintaining a license in your state

  • The state of LA right now

  • Reopening

  • Changes coming to massage post covid

  • Where she has been focused during the shutdown

  • Converting clients to 90 minutes

  • Pivoting a massage practice to a more broad wellness center

  • Longevity as a massage therapist

  • Fire Cupping

Find Vida Pura on IG @vidapuraspa

Find Badass Bodyworkers on IG @badassbodyworkers

Listen / Watch! You can listen right here, or with a podcast app of your choice. You can also scroll a bit and watch the video.

You can browse all previous episodes on Libsyn and Youtube!

**Music** "Swing House" by RKVC via Youtube Audio Library


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