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The Georgia Episode

Georgia is on my mind! I welcomed Angie Bretz, a fellow massage therapist based in Kennesaw, GA and the owner of The Healing Hippie Massage and Holistic Health. She is here as part of my ongoing series - 50 Massage Therapists | 50 States. After our initial recording, we had to circle back and splice in an update after the Governor of Georgia made waves when he announced moves to re-open the state.

Here is everything we talked about…

  • Origin story as therapist

  • Becoming a massage professional in Georgia

  • Maintaining a license in your GA

  • Thoughts on a National standard

  • State of your state during Covid crisis

  • UPDATE on Georgia Governor’s decision to begin re-opening the state

  • What you’re doing during the shutdown

  • How does this change massage therapy moving forward

  • What trends she had been seeing in bodies lately

  • What she expects to see when we get back to work

“This is not the time to feel guilty about "feeling the feels." This is the time to welcome the highs and lows, listen to them, process them, accept them as your current reality. This is an unprecedented time and there is no "right" answer on how to cope.” - Angie Bretz

Find Angie on Instagram @thehealinghippiekennesaw.

Listen / Watch! You can listen right here, or with a podcast app of your choice. You can also scroll a bit and watch the video.

You can browse all previous episodes on Libsyn and Youtube!

**Music** "Swing House" by RKVC via Youtube Audio Library

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