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The Arizona Episode

The Massage Hodgepodgcast is back with Zack Mayfield, a fellow Massage Therapist in the state of Arizona. In addition to having over 10 years of experience as a therapist, he is also a nationally ranked powerlifter! Zack created Successful Bodyworker and the MT Hybrid Athlete Program which teaches therapists how to train so they can avoid burnout. You should also check out the Successful Bodyworker podcast.

This is part of my ongoing effort to have a chat with a massage therapist from every state in the USA. Please subscribe and follow!

Here’s a quick rundown…

  • Zack’s origin story as an LMT

  • Becoming Licensed in AZ

  • It’s actually 700 Hours now

  • You can take either the MBLEx or BCETMB

  • The state of Arizona during the crisis

  • When we recorded, their stay-at-home was set to expire May 4th, but the Governor since extended to May 15th.

  • How does massage therapy emerge from the crisis

  • Longevity for massage therapists

Find Zack on Instagram @successfulbodyworker

Try the 30-Day MT Challenge: Lockdown Edition

Listen / Watch! You can listen right here, or with a podcast app of your choice. You can also scroll a bit and watch the video.

You can browse all previous episodes on Libsyn and Youtube!

**Music** "Swing House" by RKVC via Youtube Audio Library

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