• Nick Peterka

Getting Aligned with Dr. Chris Cooper

Dr. Chris Cooper joins me on the podcast! Based in Portland, OR just like me, Dr. Cooper is a chiropractor who specializes in Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Therapy. He illuminates that perplexing bit of jargon, and we touch on a lot of self care basics like sleep, hydration, movement, and mindfulness.

Find Dr. Cooper…

TikTok - @drchriscooper - https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeuusDfm/

Instagram - @cascade.chiro - https://www.instagram.com/cascade.chiro/

Web - www.eastportlandchiropractor.com

⬇️ And now it’s time for a break down ⬇️

  • Dr. Cooper’s personal approach to self care

  • Sleep / hydration / movement

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Getting back on track with healthy choices

  • Views on chiropractic care

  • Convincing patients/clients to show up for themselves

  • Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Therapy

  • Migraine interventions

  • TikTok

This episode was recorded as The Self Care Mission, but I have since decided to roll everything back into my original moniker, Massage Hodgepodge. More on that soon…

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