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Complete Session

This is a complete, 1 hour massage presented without music. It represents the very first in an ongoing mission to share a wide range of massage and bodywork. I believe that capturing and sharing different modalities and styles of bodywork from various practitioners has numerous benefits. In fact, I numbered them onto a list!

1. WATCHING THE FILM. Much like a pro athlete learns by studying game films, the therapist or practitioner (me in this case) can gain a lot by reviewing the footage.I have been away from practicing regularly for a while, but I was still taken aback by how poor some of my body mechanics are presenting.

2. FEEDBACK. The therapist also has the chance to receive helpful feedback from other practitioners. This may also lead to healthy debate about the efficacy of certain techniques.

3. EDUCATE & INSPIRE. These videos can demonstrate in a very specific way just what massage and bodywork can look and feel like in a variety of settings. I believe that many people do not seek massage because they are nervous about the experience. The opportunity to “live” a session may be just the thing to convince people to seek it out for real.

4. THERAPEUTIC BENEFIT. This may be a stretch, but it is an idea worth exploring, and perhaps this could be the most significant benefit. I believe that an average person can actually benefit mentally and physically just by watching. This could make the benefits of bodywork scalable in ways never before realized.

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