Covid-19 Safety

I am fully committed to keeping my clients safe and mitigating the risks associated with covid-19. I am employing these additional measures...

  • Therapist and clients wear a face covering throughout the treatment*

  • Pre-screening for signs and symptoms before every appointment

  • Allowing a full hour between all clients

  • HEPA filter runs in the space at all times

  • Change out ALL linens and therapist clothing between clients

  • After every session the entire space is sprayed down with an approved cleaner

  • Spaces and surfaces beyond the treatment room engaged by clients are also fully disinfected

  • Fresh linens are stored in a closed cabinet in another room

*Clients can opt to lower their face covering while in the face down position to accommodate breathing challenges.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do want clients to be aware that my practice is also my home